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    Shopify is based in Ottawa, Canada. 24/7 customer support is offered and we find their support to be very friendly and helpful (no matter the hour). A Facebook Social Shop and Blog is included at the base subscription level.

    BIG NEWS >> Point of Sale (POS) is a built-in feature at Shopify!

    Other features include abandoned cart emails, omni-channel selling, product zoom, unlimited photos with products, advanced SEO, and more.
    Shopify is our #1 recommendation

    The functionality of the sites are very modern and fluid. We have joined forces with Shopify to bring you a Free 30 days! Upgrade to a paid plan at any time and launch!

    Click HERE to try Shopify. You'll have 4 weeks free to allow you to try before you buy.

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    Did you know that you can contact Shopify's free customer phone support for "how to's" BEFORE you pay them a dime?
    What could be better..?

    Would you like to talk about what Shopify could do for your business? Call us anytime:  541-654-4199