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Your Shopify website is SECURE!

All Shopify websites Now Use SSL Encryption Everywhere

In the past, most ecommerce webstores used SSL encryption technology to protect a shopper’s personal information during the checkout process. While the checkout process is secure, all other traffic to the ecommerce website used the old, unsecured HTTP protocol. That has been the common practice for about twenty years.

It was time for an upgrade.

Shopify has pushed for a safer, more secure internet by ensuring all pages, content, data...everything, on all 200,000+ online stores powered by Shopify can be accessed using SSL encryption. Not only will this ensure that no data could be intercepted as it goes over the network, but it will also help merchants build customer trust. This is the right thing for ecommerce in 2016.

To make this possible, Shopify has issued and set up SSL certificates for ALL stores. BONUS!!  no additional cost to existing or future Shopify merchants.

What can we say..yet another reason to LUV Shopify.

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